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Do you want to save your business and ensure continued success? Learn how to speak English. If you do, it may be easy for you to manoeuvre through some situations. 


Why Learn English? 

  1. You will not be stereotyped – When the world reopens, the racial attacks will still linger in people\s minds. To avoid such types of stereotyping, learn English. 
  2. You get better opportunities – The language barrier can deny you an opportunity. But since English is a universal language, and a lot of business meetings are conducted in English. Plus, you will save yourself from troubles that come with hiring a translator. 
  3. Your children get better opportunities – Your child may get a chance to study at a foreign university. Knowledge of English will place him ahead of his/her peers, and it will be easier for them to transition and fit into their new environment. 


Also, China is focused on promoting internationalism and keep the lines of communication open for trade and business matters. If the administration encourages you to learn English, they know it’s for the greater good. Start today. 


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