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    Signs Your Child Need Help!

    Believe it or not, but just like adults have mental health issues, so do kids! So, if you are a parent, you should read this post till the end to understand whether your child needs help or not.

    There is a thing with kids; they don’t know how to express themselves. Probably because they do not understand it themselves! And whenever they don’t feel good, they cry. But there is something. Even if a kid cannot express what s/he wants to say, you can understand if something is wrong simply by noticing a few things. If your kid shows any of the signs that we are going to talk about in this post, find a good child psychologist (lastepsühholoog) immediately.

    Social Isolation: Each kid is different. Some love to play outdoors while others enjoy playing indoors. But kids don’t usually isolate themselves. So, if you ever notice that your child is eating alone, refuses to meet his/her friends or stays too much time in the room, you should take immediate action. Why? Because these are signs of anxiety and depression.

    Self-Harm: For a parent, nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing their child in danger. But what if your child is harming himself? If you see cuts or marks on the body of your child, if your kid is banging his head against a sharp object or anything similar, you should not ignore it.

    Issues Beyond Home: If your child is showing a change in behavior not just at home but also at school and with friends, you should find a good psychologist.

    Talking or Thinking about Death a Lot: Kids are adorable and all they need is love and of course, food. But if your kid starts talking or thinking about death, this shows something is wrong.

    If you relate to any of these signs, you should find a reputed child psychologist (laste psühholoog). But if you don’t know of a psychologist, you can contact Heaolu. It is a trusted and reputed center that works with skilled, talented, and experienced professionals who can help you. The center was started by Maria, a well-known counselor who wants to help people with her knowledge. You can contact Heaolu if you kid is dealing with eating disorder, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or anything similar. At Heaolu, the professionals use different kinds of therapists to help your child lead a better life. So, visit this center today if you need help.

    About Heaolu:

    Heaolu is a trusted center where you can go to get crisis counselling (kriisinõustamine).

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